Caroline McCaul - How to Be A Great Leader

Caroline McCaul aspires to become the CEO of her own company at some point during her career, which means she needs to understand the qualities that a leader must possess in order to inspire their employees and ensure they receive the guidance they need to be as productive as possible for the company. All great leaders possess a number of key traits that make them well-suited to the role.

Caroline McCaul


Good business revolves around honesty in so many ways. A leader must be honest with their team members at all times and completely transparent with their business partners to ensure the continued success of the company. A dishonest leader will lose the faith of those underneath them, which has a catastrophic effect on morale and productivity.

Communication Skills

A good leader must be able to communicate well so that their team members understand exactly what is expected of them. They will be tasked with communicating with people across a number of different mediums, from face-to-face meetings through to email communication, so they must be skilled in getting their point across using all of these mediums.

Developing Others

Caroline McCaul knows that a good leader focuses on developing others so that they can fulfill their potential. By building an employee’s expertise in their role, a leader helps them to become more effective and productive. This benefits both the employee, who learns new skills to take forward with them, in addition to the company itself, which now has an even more skilled and productive team member.

Caroline McCaul - Tips For Novice Scuba Divers

Scuba diving offers you a gateway into a world that is rarely seen by people, which is one of the many reasons why Caroline McCaul developed an interest in the activity. She is now a Certified Open Water scuba diver and has the following pointers for people who are looking to get involved with the activity.

Caroline McCaul

Find A Good School

Scuba diving is not an activity that can just be picked up if you have the right equipment. You need to be trained properly before you can do it safely. Make sure to research all of your local schools and find out which ones have the necessary certification to ensure they can provide you with a good education. Enroll in the beginner’s classes and work upwards at your own pace.

Control Your Breathing

A lot of novice scuba divers struggle with the concept of not holding their breath underwater, which is a perfectly natural reaction to have at first. However, you are going to have to control this instinct if you are to have any success in the activity. Trust in your instructors and listen to what they tell you in regards to breathing.

Never Dive Alone

Even well-trained scuba divers will not dive alone and Caroline McCaul notes that you should always be in the water with a partner who is able to check up on you and vice-versa. Don’t stray too far from your partner and aim to work together in order to enjoy the experience. Remember that the person diving with you can make all of the difference if something happens to go wrong.

Caroline McCaul - How To Start Volunteering

Volunteering has been a large part of Caroline McCaul’s life for many years and she is a distinguished member of the National Charity League, having received numerous awards for her dedicated service. She understands that many people struggle with getting involved in volunteer activities and offers the following steps that people can take to become active in their local communities.

Caroline McCaul

Register With A Volunteering Organization

Organizations like the National Charity League were formed to help people, particularly youngsters, understand the importance of volunteering while also ensuring that they had access to the charitable causes that could use their help. If you are unsure where to start with your efforts, it is a good idea to register with one of these organizations so that you can get some guidance.

Choose The Right Cause

As with anything in life, if you have no passion for the cause you’re volunteering for it is likely that you won’t put forth your best effort. There are many different causes that could use people willing to offer their time and skills, so make sure you pick one that resonates with you so that you don’t lose your motivation further down the line.

Consider Your Own Skills

While you will learn many different skills during your time as a volunteer, Caroline McCaul points out that many organizations are looking for people with defined skillsets to help them as well. Consider the things that you are good at and how you can use these skills to help your chosen cause.

Caroline McCaul - Tips For Starting Your Own Business

As a budding entrepreneur, Caroline McCaul dreams of starting her own business once her scholastic career is completed. She aims to become the CEO of a company that makes use of music in an innovative fashion and has been conducting research into practices she must follow in order to be successful in the world of business, including all of the following pointers.

Caroline McCaul
A Fresh Concept

For a business to be truly successful, it must offer a product or service in an innovative fashion. Whether this is a product that has never been seen on the market before, a new delivery model for an existing product or some other innovation, there must be something that allows the company to separate itself from its business rivals.

The Right Support

Forming a company is difficult at the best of times, but it can be made much more so if you are determined to go it alone. Learn from everybody that you can, whether it be teachers who can focus your studies so you achieve the grades you need or other business owners who can offer a little guidance and a helping hand. Your support system will prove vital throughout the life of your business.

Be Long-Sighted

Caroline McCaul believes that if you create a company with short-term objectives in mind, the odds are fairly high that it will not survive past its first year. Your business plan should include a detailed breakdown of where you intend the company to be in the future, backed by strong research that allows you to feel confident in your endeavor.

Caroline McCaul is Certified Open Water Scuba Diver

Caroline McCaul has been a Certified Open Water scuba diver since 9th grade.  The Open Water Diver certification is given as an entry level full diver certification for scuba sports.  It is a combination of knowledge, practical training in confined water dives, and experience with open water dives.  Diving equipment handling is a primary part of scuba training, as equipment not properly handled and cared for can cause unexpected problems and risks.  Recreational Diver training yields the practice and experience necessary to build confidence in equipment handling.  It is necessary to be able to produce certification for the type of diving the individual intends to do, as most commercial dive operators, shops and compressor operators will refuse to allow diving by uncertified individuals or to rent out their diving equipment or fill diving cylinders.
Caroline McCaul
Caroline McCaul interest in scuba diving may have begun quite early in her life, and in that case she would have studied in a Junior Open Water diver course.  Junior Open Water divers have restrictions on the depth and diving group size when they are diving, and also must dive with parents or professional divers only.  At 12 years old, Junior Open Water Divers can dive with qualified adults, and at 15 are considered able to dive with others of their age, or above their age.  In general, a Level One Diver is subject to supervision.  A Level Two Diver is regarded as an autonomous diver, able to dive without supervision, and the Level Three Diver is qualified to be a Dive Leader.  Caroline McCaul is a Certified Open Water Diver, fully capable of diving in open water safely and with a group.

Caroline McCaul Earns Two Presidential Bronze Medals for Volunteer Service

Caroline McCaul is a two-time Bronze Medal Recipient of the President of the United States’ Volunteer Service Award, created by President George W. Bush in 2002. President Bush wanted to encourage Americans to help one another in the after math of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Administered by Points of Light and following in the footsteps of the Presidents Volunteer Action Award program from the 1980’s, the Volunteer Service Award organization holds as its purpose the recognition of volunteers who give hundreds of hours per year in helping others. Whether organizations or individuals, the President’s Volunteer Service Award strives to honor hundreds of thousands of people across America who give of their time and effort to make communities better.

Caroline McCaul

In 2002, President Bush revealed his Volunteer Service Award in his State of the Union address, and followed his reveal with an Executive Order which created a President’s Council for Service and Civic Participation. Service and civic engagement are recognized and promoted through the Award, and it is administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service and the Points of Light Institute. Volunteers maintain a log of hours worked in volunteerism, and upon requesting a President’s Volunteer Service Award the log is presented to be certified. The Award website has registration information for volunteer hours, and certification of community service hours is handled by the Leadership Organization, a national group which has smaller groups which administer the activity. A certifying organization is a group which processes the registration information on a local basis, such as the volunteer hours logged by Caroline McCaul, and interested participants can locate a local service organization which will help them complete registration information and submit it nationally.

Caroline McCaul - Joins Prestigious National Honor Society

The National Honor Society assists prospective student members with community service projects required for membership, an area in which Caroline McCaul has exhibited masterful proficiency. Not only is Caroline McCaul a two-time recipient of the U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award Bronze medal with outstanding community service dedication, she is also a devoted volunteer with the National Charity League, from whom she has received the Hourglass Award for more than 100 community service hours, the Yellow Rose Award for service work in excess of 75 hours, the Heart of Gold Award for work with the Ronald McDonald House as a philanthropist, in excess of 75 hours, the Mission Bell Award, for community work in excess of 50 hours, the Ticktocker Service Award for 20 volunteer hours, the Mother-Daughter Service Award for more than 20 volunteer hours worked together, and the Chaps in Service Award at her own Westlake High School for 70 hours of community service.

Caroline McCaul

The National Honor Society has worked to gather and promote the cream of student academia and talent through membership recognizing their accomplishments since 1921, when the first chapter was founded at the Fifth Avenue High School by Principal Edward S. Rynearson in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. National Honor Society chapters elect officers who serve as management coordinators for the chapter. No organized recognition of high scholarship in high school students had existed prior to the initiation of the Fifth Avenue High School chapter in 1921, and Principal Rynearson worked to expand the organization from its Alpha chapter at Fifth Avenue, to more than 1000 chapters in the U.S. by 1930.

Caroline McCaul Follows in the Footsteps of her Texas Family

The leading institution of the University System of Texas, the University of Texas at Austin, is known colloquially as a “Public Ivy”.  Currently UT Austin, located only 1 mile from the Texas State Capitol building in Austin, has the 5th largest campus enrollment in the U.S., in excess of 50,000 students, with approximately 24,000 staff members and instructors.  “Public Ivy” is a moniker reserved for those public universities regarded as providing a quality of education on a par with Ivy League schools such as Harvard and Princeton.   Caroline McCaul, high school senior at Westlake High School in Austin, has decided upon UT Austin for her next phase of academic achievement, following in the footsteps of her maternal and paternal grandmothers, her paternal grandfather, and an uncle, all of whom graduated from this prestigious university.
Caroline McCaul
The University of Texas at Austin originated in a constitutional promise by the Mexican government in 1827 to establish an arts and sciences public education program.  When Texas attained independence from Mexico, the new Texas Congress made provision for a general system of education, in 1836.  Again, in 1838, a special committee of the Texas Congress presented an “Act to Establish the University of Texas”.   In 1839, the Congress of Texas decided to set aside 288,000 acres for a university, with 40 acres of that to be designated as College Hill.  When Texas became part of the United States, the Constitution of Texas of 1845 did not mention higher education.  Caroline McCaul would have a family legacy at University of Texas at Austin, but first the Texas legislators of 150 years ago would have to fight for it.

Caroline McCaul: The Importance of Extracurricular Activities on College Applications

High school students who want to get into college may find it more difficult to get into the school of their choice without an extensive list of extracurricular activities on their resume. This is because, as has been the case for decades, college admissions officers are looking for students who go above and beyond the call of duty for their schoolwork. Earning good grades and testing well is important, of course, but colleges are looking for students who can perform well in often rigid classroom setting and in their communities as well. Following instructions and turning assignments in on time shows responsibility, but participating in sports, community service organizations, and clubs, shows a commitment to the community that goes beyond academic excellence. It also shows a great deal of leadership qualities and talents beyond the classroom.

Caroline McCaul

College admissions boards look for multi-talented individuals for their school. Colleges are constantly competing with each other for the best students so that they can showcase their excellent facilities and opportunities, which will attract more students and more tuition money. Participating in sports and clubs shows colleges that you aren’t afraid of more work, more responsibility, and that you aren’t afraid to put your talents to the test. Colleges want students who take risks and try new things. Participating in extracurricular activities can also help make up for a few sub-par grades or test scores that students may be stressed about on their college admissions forms. While participation in extracurricular activities won’t save ones chances if a student has poor grades all around, it could be the difference between getting in and getting a rejection letter.

Caroline McCaul was accepted into the University of Texas because of her stellar grades, test scores, and her long list of extracurricular activities she participated in throughout her high school career. 

Working in Radio: More than a Smooth Voice by Caroline McCaul

Working for a radio station requires more than a smooth on-air voice. In order to fully complete all necessary functions to consistently air quality audio content, you have to be well-versed in audio editing, fact-checking, research, and many other skills. You may have to write and rehearse content before you go on the air to read. Depending on your duties at a radio station, you may not even speak on the air. Many radio professionals have built long and distinguished careers out of working behind the scenes for on-air talent. Producers, for example, are responsible for ensuring that all radio broadcast content is solid before anyone touches a microphone.

Caroline McCaul

Starting in radio usually means starting at the bottom. Many radio station professionals start as interns who research content, edit audio files, help news anchors with stories and do whatever is necessary to consistently produce excellent programming, no matter what kind of content it is. Radio interns are typically responsible for filling in the cracks of their superiors, making sure that nothing is forgotten. Over time, these interns develop enough skills to handle more responsibilities, and a new radio career is born. Radio crews need multi-talented individuals who can handle the stress of being on a deadline and feeling the pressure from their audience to provide them with excellent content on a regular basis. Gaining the experience needed to have a successful career in radio is crucial. Many radio professionals started as interns or volunteers at community radio stations.

Caroline McCaul is a student at the University of Texas in Austin. She graduated from Westlake High School in Austin in 2015, and successfully completed a radio internship with Clear Channel Communications in Austin. She was a marketing intern, working with Clear Channel’s local President of Marketing, Pamela McKay for eighteen weeks in the fall of 2013.

Caroline McCaul - The National 

Charity League

Caroline McCaul is about to enter the University of Texas, where she will study business, advertising and communications. She participated in a business startup competition as a senior at Westlake High School, and a marketing internship at Clear Channel Communications Radio Station in her hometown of Austin, Texas.

Caroline McCaul

She has volunteered many hours of her personal time to community projects. “My community service is very high,” she said. “I spent many hours of my young life serving others.” She is a member of The National Charity League, a nonprofit that is known as one of the best and most effective mother-daughter membership organizations in the United States. All told, NCL members volunteer an average of about one million of cumulative hands-on hours in communities across the country. Through it and other volunteer efforts, Carline McCaul has performed more than 328 hours of service to her community, and these efforts have earned her the President’s Volunteer Service Award from President Barack Obama, for two years in a row.

Caroline McCaul says that once she completes her education she would like to go into business, and eventually become the successful CEO of a company that is involved in the music business in some creative way.

Starting a Business: Coming From Ideas by Caroline McCaul

Starting a new business usually involves coming up with a new, better product or method of providing that product. Computers and operating systems existed before Bill Gates started Microsoft, but he knew he could create an operating system that was easier to use and make computers easier to use in general. He came up with his idea, marketed it, and founded one of the largest software companies based on his improvement of computers and their systems. Today he’s one of the richest men in the world. Ideas like this don’t come around very often, but if you’re a skilled worker in an industry that interests you, like Bill Gates was, you can come up with an idea that may not make you a billion dollars, but will at least provide you with a good startup business.

Caroline McCaul

Bill Gates was an exceptional software coder. He could build on his idea for a new operating system because he had the raw skills to do it himself. He didn’t need to rely on others to make his idea happen. The best ideas for new entrepreneurs are those that you can build upon yourself and create a new product or delivery system that will disrupt the market. In today’s tech-obsessed world, disruption is the name of the game. Gain skills, either with on-the-job training or in school, and you will develop the raw tools you need to create solutions people are willing to pay for.

Caroline McCaul is a freshman at the University of Texas. In high school, McCaul participated in Launchgen, an educational program that promotes new, innovative business ideas. She graduated from Westlake High School in 2015 with honors and completed multiple Advanced Placement courses, such as English, Government, Economics, and more. McCaul participated in many other extracurricular activities that have helped her get into the University of Texas.

Caroline McCaul-Advertising and Communications

Advertising is an essential part of doing business. Companies use it to accomplish their goals, making consumers in the marketplace aware of new products or services.

Caroline McCaul

We are inundated with advertising every single day: on television, in newspapers and magazines, on billboards or the sides of buses ­– just about anywhere you might happen to cast your gaze. An emerging and increasingly important form of advertising targets mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, and these have the ability to reach extremely specific market niche.

A common misconception is for people to confuse advertising with marketing, but they are two distinct and separate things. Advertising is actually one component of a marketing plan. At its most basic level, it calls attention to a product or service. When a business introduces something new, advertising is the primary means it has of getting the word out. Its advertising may focus on how the product provides a solution to a common problem, like frizzy hair or how a busy, working mom can still manage to feed a hungry family of four. Businesses also use it to let the market know about limited-time sales events.

But advertising does more than tell potential customers about new products or services. It also reminds them about older, existing ones, and lets them know why it’s still worth their while to buy it. Businesses use the ads to let consumers know what is different about their product, and why it’s still worth their attention and hard-earned dollars.

Carline McCaul is enrolling in the University of Texas, where she plans on studying advertising and communications.

Learning a New Language- Immersion by Caroline McCaul

Immersing yourself in a country that speaks another language can be the quickest way to acclimate yourself to that language, that is, as long as you already possess a strong understanding of the basics. For the quickest way to learn any language, you should practice vocabulary and sentence structure to get the basics of the language down early on. After you understand the basic structure of the language as well as how it works on a sentence level, you can begin to work on better acclimating yourself to that particular culture, and to see the language in action. Watching others interact, and listening to how they speak the language, are a couple of the quickest ways to learn and begin speaking that language fluently.

Caroline McCaul

Most people who learn languages, those they are unfamiliar with, will many times work to interact on a one-on-one basis with people who speak that language regularly. An individual can’t expect to pick up another way of communicating without spending a significant amount of time both learning and preacticing. However, you can’t simply move to another country and expect to pick up the language by walking around outside. Gaining a basic understanding of how the language works on a phonetic level is a great way to use immersion as a way to bolster your knowledge of a language, rather than have immersion be the only way you learn a new language.

Learning Spanish, for example, is much easier if you have a basic working knowledge of how the language works before you move to Mexico. Living with Spanish-speakers for six months or a year is a great way to immerse yourself in the Mexican culture and learn more about the people that speak Spanish in Mexico, but if you don’t know a word of Spanish before you go there, it could be difficult to start from scratch. Give yourself time to understand not only vocabulary, but also sentence structure and the subtle differences between dialects.

Caroline McCaul studied Spanish extensively in high school before she spent a summer in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to learn to speak Spanish fluently.

Caroline McCaul - Advanced Placement Courses

Advanced Placement courses challenge high school students to achieve at a level not available to them through the standard high school curriculum. AP courses consist of standardized high school courses that are roughly equal to courses taken by undergraduate college courses.

Caroline McCaul

One of the great benefits to high school students who successfully complete AP classes is not just the increased learning to students who might not be challenged by ordinary curricula, but how impressive they look on college applications. Those high school students who have taken them arrive at college better prepared for the rigors of a university education than do many of their peers. They generally have better problem-solving skills and have a better understanding of the academic expectations they are going to be faced with in college.

There are AP courses available in a number of different subjects, and just because a student takes one AP class does not mean, of course, that he or she is cut out to take a fuller load. A student’s past performance in one area is a good indicator of AP performance, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that he or she will do well in another subject.

Caroline McCaul graduated from Westlake High School in Austin, Texas with the class of 2015. She carried a 99.3 weighted grade point average and took Advanced Placement courses in English, Government, United States History, and European History. She has also taken pre-Calculus, Astro0nomy, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. She is a member of the National Honor Society.

Caroline McCaul- Community Service Work

People who perform volunteer work in their communities are doing more than providing support where it is needed. They are demonstrating a commitment to helping others, and forging the kinds of connections that bring people together in ways that strengthen the places where they live, and the nation as a whole.

America has a long and proud tradition of volunteerism, and Caroline McCaul is a part of that tradition. She is a recent high school graduate from Austin, Texas, who has been accepted to the College of Communications at the University of Texas, where she plans on studying advertising. She has devoted many hours of her time to serving others.

Caroline McCaul

She comes from a tradition of service to others. “It was a very important part of my parents life,” she recalls, “my dad serving in the Congress and my mother who serves on various parents and my grandparents have taught me to faithfully serve others and that is one of my highest priorities.” Her father is Congressman Michael Thomas McCaul (R-TX) representing the 10th Congressional District of Texas. Her mother, Linda Lowry Mays McCaul, serves on the Board of the M.D. Anderson Cancer Institution, the Texas Public Policy Foundation, and others.

For her commitment to community service, Caroline McCaul received the President’s Volunteer Service Award from President Barack Obama, two years in a row. The award recognizes and honors those Americans who engage in volunteer service, and through their example inspire others. She is also a member of the National Charity League.

Caroline McCaul - University Acceptance

Caroline McCaul is an accomplished Westlake High School academic, someone who has continually demonstrated the intelligence, work ethic and commitment needed to continually and proud perform at a very high level. Having achieved success throughout her young academic career, and having earned the honor of acceptance into both the National Society of High School Scholars and the National Honor Society, McCaul promises to be a successful scholar throughout her college career.

Caroline McCaul

Caroline McCaul has received acceptance letters from multiple notable universities throughout the state, including selection letters into such programs as Business Honors at the Texas A&M Mays Business School, numerous Honors Colleges at Baylor University and Business Direct at the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. McCaul is proud to have received recognition from so many notable academic institutions, though she has ultimately chosen to enter the University of Texas College of Communications.

Caroline McCaul, who has earned a weighted 99.3 Grade Point Average as a student at Westlake High School, looks forward into her entry into the undergraduate environment, and to continuing both her education, and academic accomplishment, at the University of Texas. A proven scholar with an enthusiasm for learning, McCaul looks to build her academic career into something truly special, and to then utilize her education towards building success in the field of music business.

McCaul will graduate from Westlake High School this spring, and will begin to take on the challenges of a University of Texas education in the Fall of 2015. Her interests continue to lie in the fields of Business, Marketing and Communications.

Caroline McCaul - A Short Family Background

Successful high school scholar and active community member Caroline McCaul is proud to be a part of such a supportive, loving and involved family. The daughter of Linda Lowry Mays McCaul, a graduate of both Texas A&M University and the University of Miami, respectively, as well as current US House of Representatives member Michael Thomas McCaul, the current Chair of the Homeland Security Committee. Caroline shares her family’s commitment to be of faithful service to the local community. She set high goals for herself and earned the highest service award given by the National Charity League, the Senior Service Award, for serving 341.5 hours during her 6-year tenure.

Caroline McCaul

Caroline McCaul is one of five children, the sister of Westlake High School Junior Catherine Jewell McCaul, and of triplets Lauren, Avery and Michael, all currently the age of 13. Caroline’s mother, Linda, studied Oceanography and Geology at the University of Miami and Texas A&M University, earning a Bachelor of Science from the former and a Master of Science degree from the latter. Linda went on to work for Naval Intelligence during her professional career. Her father, US Congressman Michael McCaul, earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Trinity University, his Juris Doctor from St. Mary’s Law School and is a proud graduate of Harvard University’s Kennedy Senior Executive Fellows Program. He is currently the Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee and represents the 10th Congressional District of Texas.

Caroline McCaul has a keen intellect and a compassionate heart, qualities that reinforce her commitment to both academic success and service to others for many years to come. She currently aspires to become a successful business leader in the field of music.


Caroline McCaul - Building a Strong Academic Foundation

High school senior Caroline McCaul looks forward to the opportunity to thrive, and to continue her academic career, and success, within a university environment. A member of Westlake High School’s Class of 2015, McCaul will soon enter the University of Texas College Of Communications, a major step towards what promises to be a very successful career within the professional business community.

Caroline McCaul

A successful and accomplished academic throughout her high school tenure, Caroline McCaul has continually demonstrated the desire, the drive and the determination to put her best effort forward. A focused and intelligent individual, McCaul understands the importance of hard work, and has continually shown the studious nature, and dedication to learning, needed to accomplish any and all academic goals. It is McCaul’s sincere commitment to hard work, study and learning that is primarily responsible for her membership in such organizations as the National Honor Society and the renowned National Society of High School Scholars. Her dedicated work ethic also earned her numerous awards serving her community.

Caroline McCaul, the daughter of a well-known United States Congressman and granddaughter of a WWII bombardier, has earned a Composite score of 31 on her ACTs, including a 33 in English, a 31 in Reading, a 31 in Science, a 29 in Match and an 8 on the Essay portion. She has also compiled a weighted GPA of 99.3, and has successfully completed numerous AP Courses in Government, United States History, European History, English, and more.

McCaul has put together an impressive academic resume, one that promises to become even more impressive both during and following her undergraduate career at the University of Texas.